Guidelines for Reviewers

  1. Who can write a review?
    1. You can write a review if you have used one or more of the products or services listed on our website within the last 24 months. If you are submitting a review for the first time, you will be asked to verify your email address. You will also be able to write a review using your LinkedIn login and you will not be required to verify your email.
    2. You should not write a review of any products or services if you are employed by or receive any form of financial incentive from the supplier of those products or services. You will be required to indicate before submitting a view whether you are a consultant for the product in question.
  2. Genuine reviews only Reviews should be genuine and reflect your own experience of using the products or services. We reserve the right to require evidence of your use of the products or services you are reviewing.
  3. Content of reviews
    1. You must comply with our website terms and conditions of use
    2. Please respect the suppliers of the products and services listed and other visitors to our website and do not post anything which may be obscene, offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, threatening or illegal.
    3. Where you a required to submit comments as part of your review, those comments should not exceed 750 characters (including spaces). Please do not include irrelevant material: reviews are intended to provide constructive feedback to suppliers and helpful information to visitors to our website.
    4. Please do not use your review to advertise your own or any other person’s products or services.
    5. Please do not include any personal information (such as email addresses or telephone numbers) which could compromise your privacy or the privacy of any other person.
  4. Moderation and flagging of reviews
    1. We reserve the right to moderate your review both before and after publication.
    2. If we reasonably believe that a review you have submitted does not comply with these guidelines and/or our website terms, we may decline to publish it or ask you to make changes to it before we accept it for publication.
    3. Other users of our website (including suppliers of the products and services listed on the website) can flag reviews which they think breach these guidelines and/or our website terms. See guidelines for flagging reviews here. If your review is flagged, we will make investigations and take any appropriate action. We may need to hide your review while we carry out our investigations.
    4. If a published review breaches these guidelines and/or our website terms, we may ask you to make changes to the review, delete the review (and in certain circumstances some or all of your other reviews) or suspend or deleting your user account.
  5. Amending, updating and deleting your review
    1. You may make changes to your review or delete it entirely at any time.
    2. To amend, update or delete your review, please contact us at
    3. These guidelines and our website terms will apply equally to any amended or updated review.
  6. Changes to these guidelines We may make changes to these guidelines from time to time and will publish those changes on our website. Please make sure that you are happy with the current version of the guidelines before you submit a review.
Updated October 2020