This test is typically suitable for roles where high level of attention to detail is required. Test takers will be expected to spot erros in given materials or information. They may also be expected to validate information from two different sources. 

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Checking Test
Checking Test

Online - desktop / tablet

 Online - desktop / tablet

10 Minutes

 10 Minutes

English (AUS), English (UK)...

 English (AUS), English (UK)...

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Checking tests assess candidate's ability to compare information quickly and accurately, and check the correctness of data. They will be required to learn a set of system rules before applying these to check for errors in a data set. This provides an insight into their level of detail focus and skill at producing high quality work.

Suitable for: 

For roles with a high need for attention to detail, spotting errors in material or inputting data. Test uses multiple choice questions under timed conditions to see whether candidates can quickly and accurately find the errors between two pieces of reference material.

Points to remember:

  • Assesses aptitude for attending to detail and spotting errors
  • Corroborate information from two sources

Difficulty levels: 

Enhanced - B2C: Our most widely used suite of assessments, applicable for entry and mid-level roles. For example, customer service and administration.This level contains 16 items to be completed in 5-10 minutes. This is an untimed test. 


Cognitive ability or aptitude tests are an objective way of measuring an individual’s performance on different work related tasks or situations. They tap into reasoning skills and are therefore a measure of potential, rather than academic performance or stored knowledge.

They provide employers with an indication of how people will perform in a work setting and so are frequently used to decide whether a candidate has the baseline cognitive ‘firepower’ necessary to be successful in the role.

We provide the following coginitive ability tests: 

  • Numerical 
  • Verbal
  • Abstract
  • Mechanical
  • Checking 

When used alongside other psychometrics, such as personality questionnaires or scenario based tests, employers are able to build up a holistic picture of how the individual would behave in the role.

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