Guidelines for flagging a review


We work with the users and suppliers of Talent Grader to maintain trust and encourage anyone to flag reviews that aren’t published in line with our reviewing guidelines and our website terms and conditions of use. We will investigate any flagged review based on the information you provide to us and let you know if we decide to remove or re-publish any edited reviews. We will not disclose any details of our investigation. You can flag a review for the following reasons:
  1. The review contains personal information.
  2. The review Includes obscene, offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, threatening, harmful or illegal content.
  3. The review Includes promotional or advertising content of another business or unrelated product.
  4. The review is not based on genuine experience.
  You will also be asked to provide brief information to support us with the investigation.   Should you any queries, please contact Updated October 2020