Benefits of Online Assessment Tools For Recruitment

April 19 / Renu Gundala
The future of pre-employment testing is evolving, as companies and hiring managers are shifting towards online assessment tools for recruitment. This shift has only been accelerated by the Covid-19 outbreak which forced us all to work from home and reassess how we conduct business

Some companies have even committed to being fully remote in a post-pandemic world, which reinforces the need for new recruitment methods which embrace this new way of working. Whether your company is back in the office or fully remote, there are a number of benefits of using online assessment tools for recruitment. Ultimately, they are an efficient and effective way to reduce a pool of candidates down to a select few, to ensure that you make the right hiring decision without having to see every applicant. We will explore all of these benefits in more detail below.

Browse the Talent Grader website to easily find and compare online assessment tools for recruitment. You’ll find a wide range of helpful tools which can be used to enhance your hiring processes. 

Why use online assessment tools for recruitment? 

Online assessment tools are the quickest and most convenient way to improve your recruitment process. They make life easier for hiring managers, interviewers, and candidates alike. Recruiters only have to send out the link to the appropriate online assessment, for the candidate to carry out in the comfort of their own home. In certain cases, these tests can still be live monitored by the interviewer/recruiter if this is required. 

In order to scale up, your company needs the best employees, but talent acquisition requires a significant amount of time and resources. This problem can be solved with having the right online assessment tools for your recruitment process. 

Here are some of the key benefits of using online assessment tools: 

Save Time: Time is money, and online assessment tools for recruitment can help you save both. You’ll get decisions made quicker, as recruiting managers will be able to select the best candidates early on. And the quicker you fill your vacancies, the more productive your company will run. All in all a quicker recruitment process is beneficial for all involved. 

Ready-to-use Assessments: With each role, there are certain skills required in order for a candidate to be able to carry it out successfully. To screen candidates for these skills/attributes, you need a fast solution rather than interviewing every single one. Irrespective of how many candidates apply, you can quickly and reliably measure a candidate's skill with online assessment tools for recruitment, before they reach the stage of an interview. 

Great Candidate Experience: Providing a positive experience for candidates is an important but often overlooked side of recruitment. In order to hire and attract the best, you need to make sure that your processes are convenient for them, as well as your own staff. With their convenience and effectiveness, online assessment tools for recruitment and selection will help to enhance the perception of your company. Subsequently more people will apply in future if word of mouth starts to spread.

Reduce Employee Turnover: High employee turnover is not something you typically want in your business. When people are always leaving, it has an impact on employee morale and productivity and eventually on the company's products and services. As we’ve discussed hiring takes time and resources, so the less you have to do it the better. By making sure you pick the right people, online assessments for recruitment can help you reduce employee turnover in the long term.

Unbiased: Online recruitment assessment tools are free from human biases, judgements and errors. By removing biases you can increase diversity in selection and ensure that you objectively get the very best candidate for the role. 

Browse Online Assessment Tools For Recruitment

On Talent Grader you can find a wealth of online assessment tools which can be used as part of your recruitment process. From talent assessments, to technical skills tests, to personality questionnaires, you can search for the right tools for your business to succeed. 

You can find and compare tools, see reviews from other users and access free trials before you buy, so you can rest assured that you are making the right choice.

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