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The Criterion Personality Questionnaire is unlike anything else on the market. We don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach to personality; the CPQ offers unparalleled flexibility by allowing you to pick and choose the elements you want to measure.

The CPQ is made up of 46 scales split across five key areas of personality at work. These elements are:

Interpersonal Style – The candidate’s approach to working with others, taps into their style of communication and preferences for working around others

Thinking Style – The candidate’s approach to tasks, decisions and challenges

Emotional Style – The candidate’s reaction to the emotional demands of the role

Motivations – Understanding what drives the candidate and helps them to feel energised and motivated at work

Culture Fit – Understanding the style of environment that is best suited to the candidate

We provide the following 3 options for you to choose from: 


Psycruit offers two off-the-shelf personality questionnaires, both of which include a range of scales from across the five elements.

The Criterion Core (21 Scales) – Comprehensive insight into the typical preferences and tendencies for behaviours, feelings, values and motivations that are important in the workplace. This questionnaire takes about 20 minutes for the candidate to complete. Using the Core questionnaire will give you access to two specialised reports; Team Strengths Report & Sales Report.

The Criterion Enhanced (30 Scales) – Builds on the Criterion Core, offering a deeper insight across a breadth of elements of personality in an occupational setting. This questionnaire will take about 30 minutes for candidates to complete. Using it will give you access to our Leadership Report.


Psycruit allows you to build your own personality questionnaire so you can tap directly into the traits you are interested in for the role you are recruiting for or developing. You can pick any combination of the 46 scales in the Library and structure the selection according to your own values/competency framework or use our default headings. Telling the platform ‘what good looks like’ will give you access to the Selection Report.


We now have a collection of industry specific questionnaires that are available on Psycruit. These have been developed through role research and the expert knowledge and experience of our business psychologists. All of our off the shelf questionnaires also contain the social desirability scale in addition to those scales listed below.

  • Remote Working
  • Sales
  • Call Centre
  • Customer Service
  • Graduates
  • Recruitment Industry
  • Project Manager
  • Legal Sector
  • IT Professionals
  • Engineering
  • Workforce
  • Human Resources
  • Administrative Role
  • Marketing
  • Education Role
  • Hospitality

Mapping to relevant competencies possible?

Measures put in place to remove or reduce biases

The language, format, and appearance of the questionnaire are important determinants of the attitudes or impressions individuals form towards the instrument. When the face validity is poor these perceptions are likely to be negative in nature. The instrument therefore may be irrelevant to the job. The library was designed to ensure high levels of face validity by including a number of measures in the design specification for the instrument:

1. Transparent items – the content of the items are clearly related to the content of the scale definitions.

2. Business English – the items are worded in language that can be easily understood by anyone using English in the workplace.

3. Occupationally relevant – items avoid any terms not appropriate to the workplace. For instance, items measuring interpersonal scales avoided referring to ‘parties’.

Key Information
Online - desktop / tablet, Online - mobile
20 mins
Brazilian, Chinese PRC, Danish, Dutch, English (AUS), English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
Free trial : Yes
No training required to use
Adaptability, Assertiveness, Competitiveness, Creativity, Influential, Listening, Resilience, Social desirability, Stress Management
Not applicable
Coaching, Development, Interview, Internal mobility
all, Administrative, Customer Service, Education, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Marketing, Sales, Graduates, Recruitment Industry, Project Manager, Workforce, Hospitality
Mapping Competencies : Yes

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What's included
  • Based on your needs we can offer flexible pricing options
  • Contarct or pay as you go
  • A choice of reports availble per candidate
  • Candidate feedback report 

Reports/scores included:

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What's included
  • Based on your needs we can offer flexible pricing options
  • Contarct or pay as you go
  • A choice of reports availble per candidate
  • Candidate feedback report 

Reports/scores included: